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PDS Service Offerings


Market Feasibility

PDS has developed and refined proprietary demographic-based models which have been accepted by numerous financing sources in the apartment, senior service enriched apartment, low income housing tax credit financed housing, assisted living and Alzheimer’s care.

These tools can be applied to a given geography or a specific site.

PDS feasibility analysis is income segmented and results in a “net demand curve” which assists developers in designing the most needed product niche by rent, number of units and amenities.

Zoning and Approval Feasibility

Armed with qualified and quantified market demand, PDS is of the opinion that site selection and zoning feasibility are simplified. PDS can provide expert advice based on its varied experience developing projects in a nine state geography. We are experienced in creating approval timelines and approval budgeting.

PDS has a 95% success rate of developing projects where it obtains site control.

Site Identification and Control

PDS synthesizes its market and zoning feasibility analysis into a “Probable Program Analysis” as a tool to conduct a “Potential Sites Inventory” within a given market area.

PDS has a proven track record of obtaining site control and has a preference for working in densely populated markets and “in-fill” sites where the possibility of future competition is limited.

Financial Modeling

PDS has numerous financial models which yield an IRR result to a specific development plan.

Modeling provides a decision tool which can assist in more systematic design development, and allow more reasoned syndication and finance strategies based on ultimate value.

Expert model development is at the epicenter of successful project development. This is the stage of the project where “real-world” constraints meet conceptual possibilities.

Approval Management

PDS has done approval management for over 40 successfully completed projects in nine states. Total project development costs have exceeded $350 million in a seven year period.

Credit Packages, Financial Structures and Financing Assistance

The old saying “if you start right, you will finish right” applies to the PDS approach to Credit Packages, Financial Structures and Financing Assistance.

This step is the synthesis of all precursor steps in the development process. Our goal is to present a development project which can be rationally defended as needed within the market and positioned for success. This approach allows PDS to obtain high LTVs and cap rates.

Construction Oversight and Operational Transition

Our experience extends to construction oversight and transition to an operational facility. PDS maintains close relationships to construction and facility managers to seamlessly transition from concept to income producing asset.